Saturday, March 27, 2010

Super Saturday

Today was such a pretty day outside!
I got to the eye doctor again finally and got my contacts just about perfect now. I had some that weren't working. Then I went SHOPPING!! I went to my favorite clothes store Avenue in Cool Springs. They have such nice stuff and reasonably priced! I got 3 new Tees, 3 linen shirts, 2 capri pants for work, and one for lounging,2 new pair of cloudwalker sandles (appropriate for work), a new silver purse, all for under $250! Then I went to the Party Store in preparation for Kelsey's baby shower in 2 weeks. I won't write what I got (in case she peeks here) but just say I got a few cute things. Next, I went to Michael's-- one of my favorite stores! I got a few more things for the shower, (of course a little sumethin for scrapbooking - on sale). I went to the YMCA - Bob rejoined there a couple days ago, I didn't take time to exercise today, but we hope to go tomorrow. I was on my way to Walgreens..when I called Bob, he was going to a movie over in Smyrna at our favorite theater Malco, so I drove as fast I as could legally could and made the 4:55 PM. movie of Hot tub Time machine... yeah, probably not on my top 10 wish list but John Cuzak..what more needs to be said?
That's a busy day! I relaly enjoyed being outside today..tomorrow A few more errands after church, the Y, then a little housekeeping and call it a weekend!
But I have 2 goals for April.
1) Exercise 3x week
2) do housework or yard work 1 hour/day my house and yard both need it and I think I'll feel better about certain things.
So, now that I've blogged it, it's out the cybershere.... hold me to it!
Lovingly written by just me...just jane.

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