Monday, March 29, 2010

My Monday

Monday Monday... Mama's and papa's song always runs through my head ...(thanks Mom)

Today was a good day, mostly...

Shirley and I saw 2 clients today. One was in Nashville, and he had SIX cats running around. They thoughtfully put their two dogs up while we talked. Anyway, this man had the biggest housecat I think I have ever seen! It wasn't a tabby, but Garfield has NOTHING on this cat! It's name was "fat cat" and I swear it probably weighs about 19 pounds! It was almost 3 feet long, and as round as it was wide...well, it seems like it. It was funny, they had this little kitten their that was a speed demon.. jumped off the chairs, was climbing around and knocking stuff on the floor, then it would run to the door that was holding the dogs back, and seeing the dog's noses poke out underneath..would swipe at them to put them in their places.

We ran into the office, and said Hi, but I didn't get to check my email or anything. oh well.

The next client, was in Murfreesboro. This guy has been dealt a hard deal, a MVA left him disabled. Anytime there is a trauma like that, leaves a body at risk for so many complications and problems.

We came back to Shirley's home office and started doing what we do. We enter all our data etc.. In my new job, I have access to a "census" for all the area hospitals, I have found 2 of my former Graceworks Clients. Both of them I worked with since we began the Parish nurse program. I know that my nurses don't follow these members but part of me wonders if their health issues (both are serious, one is on a vent) if they would have had those at this time had we been able to continue our PN program. Guess we'll not know, but I am excited to have the chance to see them in my new capacity one more time.

Dinner with Bob at TGIFridays, He got a lot taken care of today, found out about our health insurance was inappropriately cancelled when he retired. They will "fix" it in 5-20 days...oh GOODIE!

I came home and cleaned my horrible dirty bathroom.- for an hour and STILL not done, cleaning out drawers that's why it took longer. Tomorrow night I'll finish that-
BUT, I get to watch DWTS!! WOOO HOOO.
So I need to get to the Y this week. ... maybe tomorrow night?

Lovingly written by just me...just jane.

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Kristi said...

Hi Jane! Kristi here from Thimble Thoughts. Nice to meet ya! I was just blog surfing and that's how I found you. :)

I saw a giant cat one time. I asked his owner how much he weighed. He weighed TWENTY-NINE POUNDS!! Let's just say he didn't move around a lot. lol


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