Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Windy Wednesday


Pray for Pastor Mike and Lillian they need their car fixed.

Kelsey did a great job today cleaning up the house! It's starting to look like my place again...starting.

Cousin Jane and her family should be visiting this weekend! What a welcome surprise!

Bob leaves soon to get Mom! The logistics are tough, getting a bed here, getting her stuff here from there.... the baby shower the same weekend.... yeah life keeps me busy!

Dancing with the Stars- last night Shannon Doughtry left, thought Kate Gosslin probably should have gone before her, but, I guess TLC fans are more devoted than 90210 fans.

Today, Shirley and I went to Vanderbilt. It was fun (in a weird way) got to see 2 members with Sickle Cell anemia. The thing with SS crisis is pain management. These two members have been in and out of the hospital about every 2-3 weeks. One of them was obviously still in crisis and heavily medicated. I wish I knew what nursing interventions I could suggest that would keep these members out of the hospital, but I'm sure if Vanderbilt doctors can't do it-neither can I.

Then we went to Select Specialty Hospital (near Baptist Hospital) to see a mbr that I used to care for when I worked at the ministry. The member was found unconscious at home, and now is on a vent, and must have private duty nursing if discharged home. When I walked in the member was alert, and seemed to recognize me. It was a good feeling.

We got to go to the hospital and read the chart, lay eyes on the mbr, and document specific information. These cases that I'll be sent on, are to gather information so that the Medical director and panel makes determinations if the mbr qualifies for Private Duty Nursing (PDN)paid by TennCare/Medicaid.
Most of the mbrs that are in PDN are ventilator dependant, feeding tubes, etc.

I love how I will be investigating and gathering medical information, I still have face to face contact with members, compile the information, submit it and then be done and onto the next case. I think I'll like that!

That's it for tonight, need to get going on my 1 hour of housework and then IDOL results!

Thanks for reading.

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