Friday, March 26, 2010

Back on blog!

Well this has been a long time coming! SO much has happened in the past 6 months!
Since I have been on Facebook, I never get to post here...from now on I want to keep this going! Blog promise.... is that like pinkie swear??

The biggest thing is my sweet Grandma Audrey and My Uncle Bob passed away in January. It has been the saddest of times, and it hits me in waves of sadness and loss. I rejoice knowing they are together in heaven, and with Jesus- but the depth of my loss is still unknown to me. I don't think I've hit the bottom even yet, as life whisks me along daily but in those quiet moments in the dark night, when sleep aludes me, it hits me so hard and there is nothing to do but feel it, and move through it, and pray for it to pass.

The next biggest thing is about to happen! My daughter Kelsey is weeks away from delivering our new Grandson Jaxon Charles! We will welcome him into our family sometime in late April/early May. Her baby shower is April 11th at the church.

Yesterday, Bob bought a new truck! 2009 Chevy Silverado.
Going back in time to record the Allen family changes, Bob has retired from GM as of December 1st. He got a voucher to purchase a new vehicle and God provided this new truck within the voucher credit.

Going back further- in November I tried my hand at writing my novel in an internet site challenge I was successful for 6000'ish words. I really want to continue to write this again has continued to sweep me along...someday huh?

I have another loss in November. My friend Dorene, and I had words over this writing challenge. It was immature and petty (on both parts) and we have decided to part ways. This is very sad for me, my friendship with her spanned 35+years. We have been through the birth of our children, changes in jobs, in relocations, and grown together spiritually as we challenged each other to know God deeper. It was the one relationship I could be brutally honest, and know it was ok....until it wasn't. I had to look at my own failings, I say things before my brain can filter...I do that to my husband as well and recently have felt the sting of that as well. What is it that there isn't a 3 second delay between my thoughts and my mouth? I would have been spared alot of sadness and spared those I care about a lot of hurt feelings. When I see God I hope I remember to suggest that in the next models of humans... I digress
Dorene, I pray the best for you, I pray that you find the fullfillment of your heart, the love you deserve and peace of God. I pray for your family- every day still. Your children are very precious to me. God bless.

The new job.... well it's been 6 months, I am now on my second manager, someone in Memphis that I haven't met yet (except on the phone and via email) I am in training for a new aspect of my job, Transitional Coach- that is a pilot program to reach our Complex Care cases in the hospital and following them home to make sure they have the correct meds, appointments and resources..following them for 1 month and then referring them in the appropriate matter, either case management or disease education. The second part of my new job is PDN field assessments. I do a one time specific assessments to see if the member needs nursing services in the home in continuous type care... an example is a child that has a birth defect such as Cerabal Palsy, that is on a ventilator, feedings with a seizure disorder and living at home. Certainly, this child would be one that might need extended nursing care So what I do is document specific things, so that the powers that be make the decision if our tax dollars support this member. Glad I don't make the decisions! Many of these cases come up for lawsuits- especially when services are denied when they once were receiving services. Documentation is key. Glad I had a really good mentor! Shirley and I are working together still this next week so I can help her with Complex care Case Managment.
Whew! that brings you up to date!

Lovingly written by just me...just jane.

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