Wednesday, October 21, 2009


Ok today, I was in "Immersion" training. I've been well taught- as I was teaching the instructor how to send a fax from the computer- correctly according to the NEW policy! Yeah me and my mentor!! Thanks Robin!

I ate outside by myself today and enjoyed some fresh air and people watching untill.....
I saw this young-ish woman (maybe in her late 20's or 30's can't tell) walking between the two buildings, I thought from a distance she was smoking, but as she passed by me to go into the buiding behind me, Inoticed she was SUCKING HER THUMB! Not only that, she was moving her other fingers like she was playing the Trumpet! She removed her thumb long enough to open the outside door, and stuck it back into her mouth as she entered the room. HOW crazy is that?? FLu season- to old to suck your thumb, she MUST have been having a bad day.

I am working on my first assignment! George- a guy living south of where I live, very sick young man- born the same year I graduated from high school, maybe even the same DAY! Talk about irony...anyway, really nice guy. Friendly, I am enjoying working with him. I am still getting all my drives, programs and software set up- after a month being there. I wish I was smart enough to know how to do my job without all the questions, but I know that's part of the learning process.

I just joined Nano-write-more writing contest Marne has been yakking about for a year. I found the notebook with the sketches of my "someday book" we'll see. This contest- there is no tangible prize but perhaps something that might resemble something that gets published... but you write 50,000 words in the month of November. We'll see if I have that many words in me!

Off to bed, I want to get up and start chili- but it's looking like no so far tonight. :(
Lovingly written by just me...just jane.

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