Sunday, October 18, 2009

HELLO blog!

I missed you!!
Time has zoomed by and I've been very behind- in LIFE!
Let's see, Mom was here, bought a condo- close tomorrow!
Found a place for Uncle Bob- one waiting list!
Zoomed up to Iowa for a quick trip - moved my sweet grandma into a nursing home where she was comforted to know she was there. She said "not much longer" very sad! BUT, a month later and she's still kickin!
Got to see family again- always fun.
Started a new job- Nurse Case Manager for Americhoice with United Health Care. I am in intensive training the next two weeks..
Kelsey is sick- has been for a few weeks.
Marne has the flu this weekend.
Jon - trouble! Looking forward to Oct 26 to be behind us
Bob is having gout attacks and is suffering.
We bought a new (slightly used) Sleep number bed- I'm a 50! LOL
I bought a new laptop! I'm looking into Nano Write more on the prompting of Marne- challenge to write 50K words in November. I've always thought my idea of a book would be interesting- probably only to me but what a kick it would be to do it.
I am enjoying my laptop! Can't wait to buy Photoshop sometime. I also have dreams about a new cell phone- debating about an iPhone or back to the crackberry....

Now I have to go to bed, because I work tomorrow and I should be sleeping!
Lovingly written by just me...just jane.

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