Friday, August 28, 2009

Change is a happenin!

I've missed you blog!

Back up= need a little catch up time, since last we chatted. Mom and I have scoped out the PERFECT place for her, and for Uncle Bob when it comes time for them to move! She is bidding on a condo about 15 miles from here- EASY access to us, to shopping, and to Bob's place! Uncle Bob- will qualify for senior housing! We are submitting the bid for mom's today, and if accepted, we are putting Bob on the waiting list. They will literally be about 5 blocks from each other! Long term this is good for me- as they need more attention- I can see both and not have to travel far at all. I think it's a good place for Bob- lots of guys just sitting around outside, he'll have plenty to talk to, and get to know. Walmart is about 1/2 mile away- and for now, he's able to walk that and help himself in many ways.
Mom's place is adorable! She'll have three bedrooms to stuff, and a garage! She'll have her craft room available and no yard work to worry about. I think it scares her, and I can see some anxiety in realizing that she can't have all that she has now, but I'm praying that this will release her from the bondage of so much clutter.

yesterday- was a great and horrible day. Started off Mom and I were going to go shopping, got a call that will change our lives at least for the last half of this year. Jon is in trouble at school again. Without going into it here, he is attending Smyrna West now (the alternative school) we've been down this road once with him before, and his story doesn't add up. Something is "hinky" as my old boss Cheryl would say. I just ache in knowing what he's done to himself. Losing his position in JROTC, his friends, and his pride. Stupid decisions- the boy must learn life the hardest way possible it seems.

Then I got a GREAT call!! I got offered one of the two jobs I'm most interested in! The pay is at the top of what they are able to offer- it is a Diabetes Educator for Public Health. This is not a glamourous job by any means- LOTS of hard work, but I'm excited for the challenge! Really was hoping for the HIGHER paying job, but I'm excited for this opportunity as well! God has ABSOLUTELY blessed me beyond my hopes!

Last night, I attended the advisory council board meeting. What a mixed bag of emotions that is! I am angry at my former boss, for many reasons, some of them personal. I felt that I was on outsider for the first time in years. I am moved to a few key points- none of which I can go into here.

more later

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