Monday, May 11, 2009

Mother's day weekend

Mother's Day weekend- ok I know that sounds crazy- whatever.

Friday night- I got to share a movie with my daughters! Ghosts of Girlfriends Past with Mathew McConehey (sp) and Jennifer (Gardner)Aflack. We really enjoyed it!
Saturday before Mother's Day- I spent most of the day at Work- doing the annual Postal food drive- (see pictures above) about 550 bags of food were collected. (I think-total count isn't finished yet) It was muggy but at least our prayers were answered- NO rain!
Sunday- My dd and ds went to church with me, then oldest dd and I did something totally cheesey- we sang Kareoke to Mama Mia! LOL We cracked each other up! DH and Ds went to Star Trek, DD went to Ren fest- I sat on porch, read and facebooked.
Later that evening dh &ds bring back rotisserie chicken and instant potatoes, and we have dinner- no cake or pie :( Here is the not good part- dh didn't take ds out to buy anything AND did not have a gift for me either. Before I sound totally like a shrew here- it's not the gift- its the effort and the thought! HE (DH) GOT ME NOTHING!! and what's worse- he didn't help ds get me anything. My middle dd is throwing a scrapbooking crop all day next Saturday for me at our church. Marne got me a beautiful photo she shot, mounted and signed (even if it was of me- what she wrote was very beautiful) and a couple of "mommy books" that I know I'll enjoy looking at.
I did call my mom (and step mom) and talked to my mom for a long while- she called while visiting my Grandma- poor Grandma- she can't really hear well enough to carry on a conversation and she asks "how are you doing" about 30 times- I miss my Grandma I grew up with- not the debilitated lady that now lives in my Grandma's body. Bitter sweet.
Back to work today- drove the Graceworks TRUCK to Nolensville to pick up another food drive!


Bible study tonight- then meetings tomorrow to work on Volunteer stuff!! WOO HOO!

I live the life huh?

Lovingly written by just me...just jane.

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