Saturday, April 18, 2009

Playing catch up and all that jazz

Easter Sunday- Bob and Jon and the kids have done it again! They cooked dinner and did most of the clean up! I'm so proud of my family. Bob is a little tired from working so hard on the meal (and the kitchen)
Marne is happy we are sitting at the table- minus all the scrapbook stuff for a change
Kelsey is happy to be spending time with the family- she has been working a lot of even shifts (like Bob) and we don't get to see her much these days.
Jon has the priveledge of carving this year- for his first time he put the MASTERS to shame! I think he's just inherited the job from now on.
Yes- that's me posing with the turkey- although I can't eat much as I just got my lap-band re-adjusted and I'm eating VERY little right now- it sure did taste good (what I had of it)

Today I participated in the Walk Across Williamson Event
in Franklin at Liberty School. With my bad knee my participation was very limited but I attended and was proud that we had almost a dozen BGA volunteers that helped as well. This is Susan, Becky and (I'm sorry I'm bad with names but a really nice gal) with Susan's dog Beasley0- ok, yeah I remember the DOG'S name - but I got a kiss from him.

Elaine (my partner in crime and Ms. Mary Mills- County Commisioner and Chair for the Williamson County Health Council.

Last Night we had our Annual Fund raiser- for Graceworks, we had cloggers that entertained us as well as two bands (one of my favorite- Runaway Freight)

This is one of my very favorite clients Melba-
she is pictured here with Jon and Bob Headley.
Her story is very compelling and she lovingly was one of our client testimonies.
She is a gem!
Lovingly written by just me...just jane.

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