Monday, April 13, 2009


I have been caught up on the technology network community and really letting it take to much of my real-life time.
I know this is a shock to many of my friends.... but Facebook and twitter have taken over the world!!
I was at lunch with Elizabeth from work and a friend of ours, and he casually mentioned he was on FB- I immediately had this rush of excitement.. pulled out the new Blackberry, quickly pulled up FB and found him in the friends! OH I just HAD to add him. I collect friends on facebook like I collect scrapbook supplies. You never know how many you need..just get MORE! I seriously have an addiction and somewhere in my twisted mind, I equate personal wealth with how many friends on Facebook I can have!! LOL Now, I know that my TRUE worth is only in HIM! My God and my saviour..and I'm worthless without HIM!...but that's beside the point in my puny little mind. Next topic

Ok, the storms of last week have devastated our community of Murfreesboro, please see these links:

I sat home, we are safe thank GOD..and life is going on. We still are in limbo with Bob's job at GM and this is causing quite a lot of tension, but we know that GOD has a plan. We just have to wait and see what our part is.

I have gotten a new title at work..I am now the Client Services Director/Parish nurse. I'm still running my program full time but now have the additional responsibility of all client services. Right now, my focus is getting our volunteers trained and empowered to make informed decisions. I am in the process of thinking of restructure to better fit the model of volunteers and assistance that our new Executive Director would like to see us go. It has been a challenge and at times a headache, but the outcome will be (hopefully) so much better.

That's all I have today! God Bless

Lovingly written by just me...just jane.

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