Monday, November 17, 2008


For my loyal readers:
*cough cough* I add this entry!
Friday night I was supposed to hop on the jet
(not mine but US AIRWAYS) and wing it to Philadelphia to surprise Co--- well my flight was cancelled but no one from the airlines thought to call me!
SO- Kelsey (and Jon) turned around to get me, and we all treked to Oprymills and got to see Amber and Caleb and her hunny, his other son J.D. and his brother.
Caleb is adorable -as I knew he would be!
Just as we are planning to leave, the lights go out in Chili's, T.G.I. Friday's & the carousel in the mall.
No way to pay with card so I had to choke out the cash another "grrr" moment.
Well after almost 2 1/2 hours of 'peaceful' slumber I got up to get to the airport.
Traffic wasn't bad at the gosh awful hour. But the plane was packed. Grumpy lady next to me was wonderful to sit with. Not a direct flight like I had hoped either.
But Charolette was a great landing, and only an hour lay over.
Steve and his friend "Ant" picked me up and were fun to listen to.
Steve kept texting Tim as to E.T.A. And Tim and Amanda were trying to distract her- she was in the "black Hole a.k.a. the basement" We ran in like a S.W.A.T. team it was hilarious! As Co came up the steps I was standing there and just said "HI!" Surprised her totally!! OF course there were tears and we had a GREAT TIME!!
Party animals

So many candles

Big breath and blow!



Me and my new friend Chris!

After the Party- we shopped, ate a good meal on Sunday and I flew home. This jet set life is just not for this homebody I guess because I am beat today!
I needed that break though more than I realized.
On the way to the airport I got that sick knot in my stomach because of the stress here at work. BUT my wonderful SUPER FAMILY picked me up wearing matching SUPERMAN Tee-shirts/hats standing in position at the end of the car.
I wish I had a picture of THAT! They went to Metropolis and Kelsey had her first initiation of gambling. Jon got to play a computer game that he enjoys and just relax without having to do chores all weekend.
Bob and the kids really enjoyed the SUPERMAN museum
I'll have pictures of that soon.
That's it for now, waiting for a conference call and getting ready for the clinic board meeting tonight. Back to the grind for a few more weeks and then LOOK OUT PHOENIX!!

Lovingly written by just me...just jane.

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Co said...

Love the highlights on the party!! It gets coward Brother Dave left Another package for me to open After they left on Sunday. And what did it
contain?? Yep.....MORE LIGHTHOUSES!!!! This time there were 3 LARGE ones, 2 of which play some kind of sound, haven't checked if it's music or just "waves crashing". The 3rd one is a Lamp! Like I really needed to get those??? Yes, he's a coward......leaving the box with Steve with orders to have me open it After they left. Guess he didn't want me to throw them at him! LOL

But I must say, being greated at the airport with everyone wearing Superman t-shirts is kinds odd. But then that's why they're family right? lol

Miss you already!!!


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