Monday, November 10, 2008

announcing Cade Logan!

Baby Cade has arrived!
Mom and baby are home now, and doing very well!!
I'm about to jump out of my skin in anticipation of our trip!!
Bob spoke to Mom and Dad Allen- Dad is having a tough time but looking forward to our visit!
We are going to Laughlin (sp) for a few days, so I'm anticipating a great day at the spa!! Mom and Dad generously got us our own room in the high roller section of the tower!! Oh La LA!! Wonder if it's still okay to wear jeans from Walmaart there?? HA

Bob came home and told me the specs for luggage. I think he thinks I am going to see my sister and her family, visit a casino, and spend a week with a small carry on! Can you believe that?? HA! WHen has he EVER known me to pack light? I will try though.

This weekend I got to scrapbook all day Saturday on my sister's daughter Ava's album. I only have two more weekends to get this done! YIKES! But I am pretty confident that I will.
Then Kelsey, Jon, Bob and I went to the FRIST Art Center. Eastman (Kodak) private collection and the sculpture that made the famous statue "The Thinker" I can't remember his name.
The photography part was facinating for me! I loved it!! OF course these pictures Deb sent me of Baby Cade are just hollering for a scrapbook page!! LOL Take a look!!

Lovingly written by just me...just jane.

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