Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Change is never easy....

I have been frustrated for the last few days and I'm finally taking a minute to just vent.

First of all, my job...

However. . . . .

this past few months have been drama, stress and turmoil.Change is never an easy process but I wish it weren't so you know stress uncomfortable.

I love our volunteers!

things should be done a little more efficiently around here, and change is never easy.
I appreciate the Board of Directors!

However. . . .
the uncertainty of the restructure adds to the stress. Change is never easy.
I like my boss Cheryl.

her leaving and pursuing a new venture has left us searching for a new director. Although I have NO say in it, and our search committee is very well committed to finding the best candidtate, the uncertainty adds to the stress...again. Change is never easy.
Oh yes, the election! We all voted yesterday. I had to vote my heart and what I believe God would have wanted. I'm wearing black and blue today- I feel beat up.
Obama offers change!
Change is never easy.
We'll see.

Now personally!

My weight gain is really becoming the major issue with me.
I went to buy a new coat- since my other one is getting tight..and I can't find one that fits well. That is frustrating!

We (M, Bob and me) enjoy doing the wii fit in the morning and competing on the wii fit age- it starts to dictate if you are going to have a good day or an "old" day! AND the BMI going up...and slightly down...and UP...and back down a hair..and UP... it really is adding to my stress.

Change in never easy..
but here's the deal.
I have to make the change.
Drat..there it is, I've said it in "public"
I bought a journal to start a food journal. I don't think I realize the crap I am eating.
Secondly, I KNOW I have to get moving. I'm contemplating joining the YMCA again- only just me this time, or at least figuring out how to add movement to my day.
Also, I have an apppointment with the lap band doctor on the 13th. I think I'm going to get adjusted again- tighten up the tummy belt will help!

On another note...
I am looking forward to this weekend- I think I'm going to a crop in Murfreesboro to finish the baby album! If not I'm going to one on the 20th in Madison with my new friend Barb and her new friend so I'm looking forward to that.
just a few weeks until our big trip to Phoenix!! I am getting very excited about that.
Looks like Bob is working every weekend until then- but at least we have a week of being together to look foward to! Just have to hold on until then.

I'm going to go change-
starting with my hair! LOL

Lovingly written by just me...just jane.

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