Tuesday, October 21, 2008

My mind is on vacation why can't I be?

I am so excited about this trip to Phoenix! I got a lot done on my crop this weeknend. I enjoyed it so much! I met a new friend Deb- she and I hit it off from the get go! I boldly got into her car after only speaking via email... and we drove across Nashville to an area neither of us knew and talked non stop.

I can tell we'll be fast friends. I'm looking forward to the next crop in November. Right before I leave for phoenix.
Bob picked up a day trip plan book for the Phoenix area and hopefully he'll let me look at it soon.

It looks like the camping trip with the neighbors is going to fall through. Bob wanted to bad to go camping again before it got cold-- I love going to KOA's and state parks even though we tent camp. But he's going to be working a lot of overtime so we can't pass that up. I knew I shouldn't have been talking about it until the car was packed. LOL

It's looking grim in the non-profit world. Requests are far exceeding donations. We just had a big meeting with department heads about what we can do to quickly raise funds. We're going to have a telethon this week, calling previous donors and volunteers to put out a call of need. Christmas is coming and so are the crys of hurt from this county and the country. I pray that funding comes in. This has been the most rewarding and fullfilling job I've ever had, and don't plan to leave. but they are worried about services etc. For anyone reading this, please pray.

The Graceworks Health clinic is also struggling. We are looking forward to the first of the year if we qualify for the state safety net reimbursement program that will definately help us.

As I walked down the isles of our food pantry- which are usually pretty well stocked I noticed how close we are to bare shelves. Caroline, the food pantry Coordinator has several good food drives in the works. That is one thing about this county- they do rally and provide food at this time of year.

back to my happy place.... VACATION!! Phoenix is going to be so fun!I think we're going to try and see the Grand Canyon this time. Mom and Dad mentioned this little historic town that will be fun to see as well. And of course, see Deb, Ava and hopefully Cade (the newest nephew)

That's it for now. going to sit under a cactus (in my mind)

Lovingly written by just me...just jane.

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