Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Voice from the past

I got the best message from a fellow classmate related to my high school reunion yesterday!

It is amazing the healing that comes from kind words! My classmate brought up the fact that I was teased (awefully) by kids in my class - as far as my classmate knew- only when we were attending together, but truth be told, the teasing followed me from Hunt Elementary to Washington Elementary, to East Junior and to some degree North Junior. I'm sure I had some part in that by my actions- but in the throws of it, it felt like it was all their fault that they were picking on me. I blamed it on my health issues from birth- not being able to breath thru my nose, the MULTIPLE surgeries, I blamed it on my mom for being a single mom, for having to work instead of be the cool room mother-- there is a lot of finger pointing going on in my young mind.

My former classmate wrote a very sweet message of forgiveness and healing that touched me to the core. Amazing how you can influence someone's life with a smile, kind word or action.

My prayer today is to ask God to remind me of this today as I see clients who need that smile, kind word, encouragement... especially since they are in the throws of hurt and anger with the economy, their family, their health issues... whatever their struggles are.

Thank you former classmate- if you happen on this website, you know who you are- and please know your words mean the world to me. God bless!

Lovingly written by just me...just jane.

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