Thursday, July 10, 2008

July weekend

It was a beautiful weekend over the holidays! I have enjoyed many friends beautiful blogs showing their fireworks, picnics, etc...
Us- we stayed home- against our original plan. We wanted to go camping but failed to plan ahead and the sites were full. So we stayed home- and hope to go this weekend instead, even for just a night would be nice.
Instead, we worked on our LOVELY basement! *COUGH**
That thing is SO packed with junk! We've taken out 5 yes FIVE full 8 foot trailer loads, and still have a LOT Of stuff to purge! MY sweet hubby has agreed to help me build my dream craft room- but we have a LOT To do before that happens!
When I was up in Iowa with my family in late May/June I visited one of my mom's friend's (sister's) house and she showed off her craft ROOMS- yes that was plural! She has a lovely split level basement and had a nervana of sorts for the craft enthusiasts. My mom has since been going with her friend to the sister's house and PLAYED! It's helped me mom cope with the fact that her life isn't moving in the direction she wants as of yet. SO- I'm hoping to get my own room!

That said, I have not much else, I will be posting pictures of my new nephew TALEN ALEXANDER when I get them, as well as pictures of progress when I make it! LOL
Well, that's all that's fallen from my fingers today!

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