Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Memorial Weekend

Talk about a GREAT holiday weekend! We started going to the drive in in Watertown- saw Prince Caspian and Speed Racer! Well, it was raining pretty heavy during parts of the Narnia sequel- but we saw MOST of it pretty well. REALLY enjoyed it and being together. Bob, Kelsey, Jon and I went.
Saturday we headed out (late) to Louiville, KY- we stayed at the KOA there and really enjoyed that as well. GOOD weather, GREAT HOT TUB! We played pennies at the campsite, and on Sunday we started out at the GO Cart races near the campsite. Here we see SPEED RACER JON!! Dad won- because Marne pulled over to give us a chance, I was right on her tail because I'm not a speed demon like she is and dad took advantage of that and FLEW by us! Jon was last- because well, he doesn't know how to drive yet! He got one extra turn- and really enjoyed it and can't wait till we go again!
THEN we went into Louiville! (pronounced L'vl for 'YOU' Yankees!) LOL
I got to go to the BEST Scrapbook store I've been to since our home grown one (of Tammy's ScrapinMemories aand of course the late great Leigh Anne's Scrapin USA stores)

Here we are walking to the science center, and got to SEE the factory where they make the famous L'vl sluggers. We hope to get there sometime when they are actually in production.
  • Here at the Science Center- is Marne in her own little bubble. Just this past weekend Marne and I were kidding around and were popping each other's bubble with that noise you make with your mouth- well here she is in her bubble and Mom didn't POP it once! LOL
    ANd here I am- at the face distortion exhibit..... or am I???
  • Now we've sent Bob and Marne off to Michigan while Jon gets finished with school and then signed up for Summer school.... OH JOY!

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Gayla said...

That last picture scares me! Glad you all had a great trip. Sounds like it was fun.

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