Monday, December 17, 2007

Dixie Dog Dawg

Friday night was HORRIBLE!

Our precious Dixie Dog Dawg was hit by a car


THANK GOD the lady stopped,

THANK GOD Dixie Limped up to the porch

THANK GOD for my kids- helping me deal with Dixie during the crisis!

THANK GOD for emergency Hospital

THANK GOD she has NO internal injuries!!

THANK GOD she has a dislocated Elbow- and that's ALL!

THANK GOD my sweet husband was working overtime & we had the money to cover the cost.

THANK GOD my SWEET husband said "Do what you have to do, it's DIXIE!"

THANK GOD for my kids- who know love, and love our dog so much they are willing to take a little less for Christmas as long as Dixie is home.

THANK YOU GOD For everything!

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