Tuesday, January 22, 2008

To much to say!

Christmas has come and gone, life has sped by so fast!

Here is our tree this year...

What a GREAT Christmas I had too!! I got a CRICUT!
AND Dancing with the Stars tour tickets Marne and I are both going!!
Our Gimpy dog with her cast and a new PINK camo kerchief courtesy of Jon

Sweetie just hiding under the tree

I got to spend Christmas Day with my dad and that side of my family!
Jon and I flew into Iowa Christmas Day.
Jerry, Lisa, Jack, Sam, Hollie, , Bill, Jen, Tammy, Kyler, Dad and Marie were all there.
It was great to see the great commotion the boys could cause!

Then after the fury of wrapping paper calmed down, Jon and I went to have a quiet Christmas with Grandma, Mom and Uncle Bob
Mom is going to really like having a new Digital Camera!

Grandma Loved the album I made for her celebrating her 90th birthday this past May.

I got to be there for my Mom's Last day of work! After 42 1/2 years of working at St. Luke's Regional Medical Center- she is now officially RETIRED!! Jon and I surprised her with balloons and dinner. Then we helped her to the car with all of her books and misc- into the life of AHHH!! (sort of)

There was some saddness as well, my flight on Dec 31st was delayed from 6:30 a.m. until after noon- which is EXACTLY how God wanted it! My dear sweet Grandma Onie had been very ill while I was there but I had not had opportunity to see her. On Monday morning Marie got a call to come quickly to the nursing home. I rode with her and was able to kiss Grandma Onie goodbye. She is deeply missed. I wasn't able to be there for the funeral, and my sister Deb and Baby Ava flew in. Just wasn't meant to be this time.

Dixie got her cast off, and later developed a blood clot in her ear- she had to have a tube in for a few weeks (still has it) but is doing better. She limps now, probably always will but still won't go outside unless she has her frisbee and makes someone throw it for her. She forgets that it hurts and goes running full force to fetch!

Marne and I went to Dancing with the Stars at the Sommet Center! It was FAB! Disappointing that there were only 2 stars dancing Helio (Sigh) and Monique she was entertaining but not what I had hoped. The professional Dancers put on an excellent show! LOVED IT! Can't wait till March when it is on TV again!

Well I'm late at work, no one here and I'm ready for home At least I'm almost caught up!


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