Monday, October 1, 2007


Boy what a busy couple weekends! September 15th weekend was Jon's party with his friends
Then we had his "REAL" birthday with the family Isn't he CUTE at 15??
Mom and Dad Allen are visiting and we put Dad to work! He did most of it, but got Jon to clean the gutters, and helped Bob and Marne fix the leak in the ceiling and put up new dry wall!! Marne is VERY happy about this! She has since moved out of her room, and is trying to sleep in the living room for the next week until we get the dry wall mudded, and the painting done.
Bob's birthday was this last weekend,My OLD man is now at the crest of the hill!! He still looks young to me!
While All of this is going on this weekend, Hands 4 Homes part of our ministy was helping rough out a sidewalk for a family near where I live- so I stopped by there to take a few pictures and thank the crews.

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Janeen Jordan said...

Happy Birthday to Jon!! You are right, Bob looks like he is in his early 30's.

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