Friday, September 14, 2007


Captain Kelsey rented a houseboat for the weekend. She really went all out! Marne, Greg, Gayla and Cap't spent the weekend out there while Bob, Jon and I visited for a day. The boat was wonderful! What a good time! The inside was beautiful.

We had a stow away for the first few minutes

Here are a few shots of us playing around!

THANK YOU KELSEY! We had SUCH a good time! It was GREAT to really unwind, have a drink, play on the skidoo (thanks to Greg and Gayla allowing us to!) and just to CHILL!!

Even though it was overcast- it was a GREAT refreshing break from the heat wave we've had here in Tennessee.

This weekend, Jon is planning his first c0-ed party- he's going to watch movies, eat pizza and have fun (I Hope) I am going to be painting my office. I am going to miss the words we have on our wall, all the names of God. Each one has a meaning and a story that relates- such as the time we put on and then visited a gal with so much dispair and oppression you could feel it.

Or the time someone snuck into our room and mysteriously put TWBD on it in RED!
Thy WILL be done!

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