Wednesday, September 5, 2007

My birthday weekend!

It was a great weekend! I got to celebrate my birthday for three days!

First, my sweet hubby took me ( JUST the TWO of US!) to Bonefish Grill! I got to have Sword fish, and Bob had salmon. I tasted his and it was terrific! My sword fish was excellent as well! We shared a bottle of wine and I felt the stress of the years melt away!

Saturday, Kelsey and Jon about drove me crazy! Picking on each other constantly! Here, they decided to decorate their faces with markers!
Then we started emptying Jon's room to start the weekend project! This is how my house looks STILL!

Sunday, everyone went to church with me! I had forgotten that the church has a potluck after service the first Sunday of every month! (even if it was my idea I still forgot!) and the family had wanted to take me out for lunch.

We went to Outback and I had a great salmon there as well! After that we went to Home Depot and bought paint for Jon's room, Marne bought paint for her room and we bought sheet rock- which was tricky getting into Kelsey's Aztec in a 4x8 sheet! Marne's ceiling has been leaking and she wants to paint her room, so it needs fixing!

I got to have my presents when we got home!

From Bob, Jon and Kelsey!

Marne surprised me with a spa package! I get three a HOST of other goodies!
Bob and the kids also gave me a video frame! I can't wait to show off my pictures!

The rest of the weekend we spent painting Jon's room and working around the house! This is his Camo corner! I'm going to go to the Army/Navy supply store (if I can find one) and get some netting for his window treatment, but until then this will have to do! Bob and Jon worked on the wardrobe cabinet that goes in this corner and tonight after church and dinner we'll work on putting things back in his room. Hopefully this week I'll get to have my living room back! That's it for tonight's entry!

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