Wednesday, July 18, 2007

A day of completeness

Today I've finally caught up on my work that was due Monday!

I spoke with an individual today that is HIV +- I can't pretend to know what struggles that person has to face. Having trouble getting Social Security disability- other health issues that are arising. I was honored to be able to put this person in contact with someone that specializes in disability claims. I pray for this person- that help is provided and more importantly, HOPE.

I got to see another client today, we helped with getting a prosthetic leg. It is so encouraging when that person smiles back and you can see God's grace radiate back to you. I thank God that he used me to put together the opportunities that Graceworks was able to help find the funds to pay for a new lease on life for this person.

I spoke with a senator's executive assistant today as well. They have someone they are working with that is elderly, and has financial concerns. It never ceases to amaze me where people hear about Graceworks and their hearts to help.

I got to visit an elderly woman, she had been married 59 years to her beloved. There is a picture in her living room taken this past Christmas, he is handing her a beautiful bouquet of flowers, and she is looking at him with such love- as if it's a first blush of love! You would think she would be beside herself in grief and sadness, instead she listens to praise music and christian radio and that fills her life with Hope and Peace. My co-worker took over a volunteer to visit with her, and I think they will hit it off famously.

Today, Angela (my co-worker) and I had a chance to brainstorm on some new ministries that we are developing. Together we came up with names for the programs that brought goose bumps to me when I heard them! I am so excited to start working on these! The home ministries program that helps low income seniors and those with disabilities repair homes, build ramps, fix things around the house will be named Hands For Homes! The visitation program has been named Heart to Home. How awesome those names go together!
The parish nurse program in development is the Life alert systems that will be offered to elderly or disabled for a nominal fee- will be named "Everpresent Care" Because God is ever- present. and this program will offer someone on the end of the button 24 hours/7 days a week to those living alone, or other conditions that put them at risk.

Tonight's dinner is snap green beans and potatoes with Bacon! YUMMY!
I might even get a hair cut before church so I gotta boogie now!

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