Friday, July 13, 2007

Friday the 13th

I got to come to work early today- notice I say "GOT"- if I wanted a ride, my sweet daughter that was coming into town for work had to drop me off EXTRA early today- so she could make it somewhere close to on time. This afforded me uninterupted time to play on the computer, since ours is broken at home!
I've always wanted my own blog spot- this has been one of my new years resolutions for a long time- and now I'm finally doing it!
The girls have gotten me going on Myspace- but that is so junked up with kids, and crap- however fun it is to find blinkies for your space- I wanted no-- NEED something more grown up.
Today is the 13th, traditionally a bad luck day- but I don't believe in "LUCK" anymore- LUCK is short for Lucifer- and I don't give the devil authority over my day! GOD is in control of my life!
So, for the 13th, we're going to watch some movies on TV and get ready for a fun weekend! I'm going to clean house (no, that's not the fun part!) and go scrapbooking a little on Saturday at the library, then I'm going to see Harry Potter with the family! Sunday, the family is making scarce and seeing Transformers (BLECK!) and I'm having a few friends over for SCRAPBOOKING!
I can't wait to play with my friends! LOL

Well it's almost time for my meeting so I have to get into business mode - for now!


Colleen said...

Hey sis,

LOVE the "Allen Beach" pic.

Girl, you have way more free time on your hands to dedicate to a blog....I just don't have time to keep up a blog. I'm lucky to even check my emails on most days.

So my hat is off to up on your sis here. :-P

Love ya!!!


pam said...

hey girl you have waaay to much time on your hands you definetly have your home health down to an easy street..... I am boged down with recerts and admissions withut a computer at that!!!! I am in the wrong state I think,,,,
keeping up with you is like deeping up with the jones!!!
hope to read more on here.... I am very very proud of you....

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