Monday, July 30, 2007

Another Weekend

If all weekends were like this!

Friday, Bob, Jon and I went to see the movie Ratatouille. It's about a Rat that can cook. If you can get past the fact that a disease infested vermon is cooking for you, I guess the movie was good. Unlike Mickey Mouse that doesn't look like a rat- Ratatouille was a likeable enough character.

Saturday, Bob, Jon and I went to breakfast at Shoney's. (They ate, I drank Tea) and then we went to the used book store to see if we could get some store credit- I got both the guys to start purging the mountain of books at our house. I'm also ready to release my Danielle Steel collection. I had over 30 hardback books of hers- that's a lot of K-ching $$ over the years! But I'm ready to de-clutter! I guess this is in preparation for my mother's move next inspires me to free myself of "stuff". Of course, I bought more Scrapbook "stuff" at Hobby Lobby while I was in the neighborhood!

Then we met up with Greg and went computer window shopping. We made it to Sam's Club and Costco- believe it or not some good deals can be had there! Of course, I got to do a little other shopping. I think I got Bob talked into waiting for Anniversary/Christmas to buy our computer- and get a few other things cleared up before that. Then we came back to play cards! Jon played with us, as Kelsey was working- and Marne was otherwise occupied. He suggested Rook- and I have to say he played extremely well! I think Greg and I narrowly beat our opponents.

Sunday! I went to church while the HEATHENS I live with slept!
Then we met up with Greg and Gayla and took all our dogs to the Duck River down at Henry Horton State park!
It was a lot of fun- Dixie really enjoyed being in the water again, but didn't like that Gabbie kept stealing "her" frisbee! Dixie couldn't swim fast enough to get there before Gabbie did! Gracie wasn't as excited about being in the water- and Dixie would stay on shore and whine because she was so short legged she couldn't be out in the water like the two Goldens could! It was a great-until Gayla got dumped in the water by the dogs and got hurt. HOPE you feel better Gayla!
Greg, Marne and Kelsey
Gabbie and Gracie

Dixie the WONDER DOG!!
And again, afterwards, we played MORE cards! Could it get any better??
Well for a simple girl that likes family, friends and easy times- it doesn't get much better!

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