Friday, October 10, 2008


As Parish Nurse of a non-profit I have the honor of visiting the elderly in their home and meeting a special generation. I've learned a lot from them.

Elizabeth and I went to visit a couple in rural Williamson County. He is legally blind, she is an overweight sweet woman who is being held captive with Alzheimer disease. He shares with us that she isn't speaking much these days, and when she does she tends to bless people out in not nice words. She was a devout church lady and sweet as anyone could ever be. His face shows the loss he feels from the woman he married to this shell he cares for now. Trapped at home with no way to leave he lovingly cares for her the best he can. "she'd do it for me if it were the other way around" I sadly ask myself- how many men of my generation would do the same?

We asked if we could pray with him before we left. He eagerly accepted this. We all formed a circle holding hands while I offered thanks to God for him and for his wife. She became still and listened intently. His eyes were moist when we finished. As we were leaving, I felt an urge to sing to this lovely woman- so I knelt down to her eye level, and began singing "Jesus loves the little children" Why? I have NO idea, but she really listened and watched as Elizabeth and I sang this little childs song. When we stopped, she smiled sweetly and looked into my eyes and said "I love you too" and then as suddenly as she was there, she was off to her own world again. But for an instant I was blessed to see a glimmer of how special this woman was.
Nothing can take that away from us- who we are in God!

On a more personal note! Bob booked the flight tickets to Phoenix!! I'm so excited! I am coming Deb and Marc and Ava and soon to be released Cade! (due Nov 7th 'ish) We are leaving the day after Thanksgiving and coming back the weekend after. Just Bob and Me are going!! The girls and Jon will all be home caring for themselves and the critters.
Bob and I have talked about another get away- and it looks like that's going to happen before the end of the year as well! I can't share much details about that- until I know more. But if it happens I think it will be FUN! no, I KNOW it will be OUTSTANDING-- or like Barney on How I met your Mother-- "Legend......wait for it.............................Dary!!"

off to a great home based weekend. I'm going to diligently work on the baby album now that I know I can hand this off in PERSON!! And I have to get going on my Christmas shopping! :)

Lovingly written by just me...just jane.

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