Friday, September 19, 2008

It's scary out there!

Look at the gas- PREMIUM ONLY and I had to wait over 20 minutes to get it! And I was LUCKY to get it! MANY of our gas stations around town are reporting NO GAS!! I was behind a guy that dropped $200 for his tank! I was grateful that I only had to spend $39!

Look at these lines! It reminds me of the 70's when I was growing up. With banks crashing, gas shortages, 2 wars, housing market dead... I look to God for strength and manna!

Here it is Friday "ready to quit time" and I just wanted to write down my day. First of all: I had to get up @ 3 a.m. Today to take Jon to school, he's going on an ROTC canoe trip. I'm BEAT! And that's before I started working!

I wrote out my list of "To-do's"today for work :

  1. Called Mace re: Clinic
  2. emailed Laura for HMA to have the meeting in Oct
  3. emailed Anne to let her know the HMA meeting site was confirmed
  4. emailed mace to remind him of our previous conversation and add more information
  5. emailed Pete board handbook for review
  6. compiled packet I promised Doc
  7. added new clinic board members to various documents
  8. called client re: couch
  9. Called Client re: meds
  10. Had lunch with Kelsey and sat in line for gas
  11. called social worker at hospital re: client and help with meds
  12. called volunteer/board member re: client outcome
  13. called client re; air conditioner
  14. called and left message for a pastor re; alcholol treatment programs
  15. saw client re; meds
  16. received call from volunteer re: client has ground hog under house and has been chewing electrical stuff and she got shocked by touching new stove.
  17. Spoke with Tammy re; clinic
  18. Spoke with Mace again re; clinic
  19. worked with Zach from I.T. to help recover lost database
  20. spoke to client re: Pnuemonia shots and the clinic
  21. spoke with K- re: giving matters material
  22. cleaned off desk
  23. errands
  24. housework
  25. crop on Saturday
  26. party Saturday night
  27. housework Sunday
  28. Church
  29. yeah that's about it folks! LOL

Now I get to go and run a few more errands and get ready for my CROP!! YEAH!!

I have to get ready for Jon's birthday on Tuesday- SWEET/SOUR 16! We’re having his celebration the weekend Bob turns 50!! :O Jon is getting to have an overnight, with video games, food, making sushi… girls (on Saturday not overnight) quite a good time- just hope his grades support this we find out on Thursday- but it’ll be to late to uninvited people but WE HAVE WAYS!! The ole’ drivers permit thing!
Lovingly written by just me...just jane.

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Deanna said...

Wow! I can't believe you're having gas lines. And gas is usually more expensive here, because of higher state taxes, but I filled up yesterday for 3.89 (as though that's something to get happy about!) We did have some gas stations that were sold out of gas right after Ike hit, but I think it's because people were freaking out, and it's been fine since. I hope it gets better for ya.

Did you go to your crop? I'm jealous...haven't scrapped for a while; my room is a mess, and I'm just starting to dig out. Very scary....

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