Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Birthday and stuff

Well I did it! I turned .....OLDER!!
August 31st!
To celebrate we had friends visit and had a 'potluck'
I had the misfortune of being sick!
So, of course NO ONE else thought to take pictures! I have none to share!
(Mom's been visiting and I haven't taken any of her visit either...)
Since then its been downhill!
I have "Ambulatory Pneumonia and Sinusitis"
I argued with Doc..
"I don't have pneumonia!"
"yes you do"
"NO I don't!
And don't give me any of that LEVAQUIN!
"Ok, but you have pneumonia and that's the drug of choice"
I got a "Z" pack and an inhaler ...

8 days later...I'm still coughing and wheezing...and feel sorta crumby
Guess I had pneumonia

(My mom made me sick!)

Her visit has been GREAT and sucky at the same time.

She has been so great and cooking every night for the whole family...YUMMY!!
and sucky because she's been sick almost the whole time.
Not feeling good enough to go and do..much of anything.
Although we were able to sneak in;
the Farmers Market at the Factory (twice)
Frist Center
Nashville Home Show
She's been making us a TITAN's Throw for our cool house.
She took Kelsey shopping for her birthday.
And she took Jon shopping for his birthday as well.
Mostly just spent her money and cooked....wish it was a better time for her.
BUT it was time away..while she's been gone;
Uncle Bob came down with "shingles"
.....then we found out it was actually eczema
Bob's leg remains infected ..............from the chiggar bites a month ago.
Grandma fell......again.
Grandma has a blood clot..........again
I think Mom was glad to be away for a while and just watch someone else's insanity.
Now for some good news!
Kelsey got a job!!
She's working full time (temporarily) at GM Manufacturing in Spring Hill!
(A.K.A. Saturn)
She had to drop just one class but is glad to have employment for the time being.

Marne was dating a nice guy...
now she's not
he wasn't that great evidently.
Jon had a girl friend...
now he doesn't
she wasn't right for him evidently.
This past weekend I tried to start cleaning again. My bedroom is a disaster.
It all started the first part of the week when I got sick...
I thought I heard a mouse in my dresser .
It freaked me out.
I hate mice, and because we live in the country one or two get in every year.
Our mouser Spookie is not allowed in my room free range- only by invitation
(she likes to go in my bathroom and steal my makeup brush) I digress….
Since Bob is sleeping down the basement for the time being
(mom visiting Kelsey needing a bed..)
I thought this is my chance to really clean up the bedroom. I started with my dresser...
I opened the middle drawer (my every day clothes) and really cleaned it out.
Since the drawers are narrow, I rolled all my tee shirts and such so I can see them at a glance, got more in there and very easy to get to.
I had such good success I preceded to the next drawer- my work clothes drawer and did the same. I purged ½ a LARGE garbage bag of clothing as well.
THEN I did the undies drawer- found remnants of mouse poo!!
Then it happened.
Something I’m NOT proud of, actually ASHAMED of but I will bare my shame here-
I found “IT” dead in my other foundations drawer!!
I am mortified!
Well, after Bob came home and disposed of said dead critter-
I told him “Now you are going to HAVE to help me clean up this room and FAST!”
He left the room.
I took ALL of his clothes that were piled in front of his dresser, all of his clothes pushed into white banker boxes, the few clothes left in his dresser and folded EVERYTHING into organized piles on our bed.
I brought him in and said in the words of Niecy Nash of Clean House
“This is foolishness and mayhem!”
He didn’t appreciate the humor.
I don’t know WHY!
Then we worked on purging his clothes.
He got out THREE HUGE trash bags of clothes AND three full banker boxes FULL!!
I’m so HAPPY!!
This is such a GOOD start on my foolishness and mayhem!
I got them OTD (out the door) and to the Graceworks thrift store today!
That's all these fingers can blog today!

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