Tuesday, November 13, 2007

I've birthed TWO new babies!


October 26th, 2007
AVA MARIE was born!!
A prouder AUNT I couldn't be!! I'm so happy for Marc and Deb!

Then there are the birthing pains that I have had! LOL
Techincally, no I didn't give "BIRTH" but two projects that I've been working on have began this past week!

The first one- is the GRACEWORKS HEALTH CLINIC!! We had our opening and dedication last Wednesday!! (Yes, I've been that busy that it's taken me this long to blog it!)

Here are some of the pictures:
The cake

One of Three exam rooms- the Cross was hand made by Bruce from my church out of cherry wood. He made three in all and donated them so they can be above each exam table. They are breath taking in person! BIG thanks to Bruce!!
Tammy- the clinic nurse manager- and who without this clinic would never have gotten off the ground AND My VERY dear friend!! Tammy came to Graceworks in a time of personal sorrow and loss, and the minute we met- it was TOTALLY God's work- we were working with Doc (Seen above) on the CONCEPT of this clinic- and she heard of the vision and mission and RAN with it!! She is one terrific Godly woman and it's been my honor to get to know her. Doc is an amazing giving talented physician- and without his following God's call on his life after 35 years, this would never have been imagined. His testimony would bring tears to a grizly bear! These two people have blessed my life beyond measure- just knowing them and being in the same room as them humbles me and inspires me to be a better person.

Now the other "Baby" is my Ever Present Care- personal alarm systems offered at a greatly reduced rate for low income seniors. I was going to install my first one before Thanksgiving, but that doesn't seem to be the plan right now.

Speaking of Babies- my son Jon had his first JROTC drill competition November 3rd. This is him in his uniform! Marne, Kelsey and I attended- Bob (dad) had to work overtime.
The last two weeks have been EXTREMELY hard on all of us! We were a TWO car family for almost 2 weeks! now that doesn't sound bad, but you have to know, we travel three counties every day! Jon goes to school one direction and needs to be picked up after school, Marne goes to school in the same county, but earlier, then drives to another county to work, Kelsey attends college at night two nights a week, Bob works nights and overtime in the morning, I work in one county (with Kelsey), and I'm supposed to have a car to do my job- AND during the clinic opening I had a lot of errands to run! Yes, I felt like an air traffic controller trying to manuever all of the coming and going- I got very frustrated (as I know the rest of the family did as well) BUT the good news is Bob has been working a LOT of O.T. and we're going to try and buy another used vehicle in about 2 weeks!! Marne's car is fixed with a new engine as well! So, it could be worse! (I cringe when I say that)

Next post will be about the baby album I'm making my sister!

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Tammy said...

Jane I just love you to pieces! You are such a special friend to me. May this new year be extra blessed for you and yours :)


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