Tuesday, October 23, 2007

busy fun!

I love to scrapbook!! here Kelsey and my friend Donna are at the Scrappin USA before we found out that this WONDERFUL store is closing! :( My Yahoo group hopes to have a farewell crop there before it closes this Thanksgiving- or before it REOPENS if it is sold. Ahh that would be MY dream! Owning a scrapbook store..... if ONLY!!
Here my cat Sweetie is watching TV AGAIN!! the mess is from Marne's room- STILL not painted we HOPEFULLY will be doing that this weekend!! It is LONG over due! I want my clean house back- and she NEEDS her room back!! Poor kid has been sleeping or trying to sleep in the living room for going on three weeks! She is getting her wisdom teeth out thursday- pray for her (and us!)

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