Thursday, August 2, 2007

I knew it would catch up with me....

I had gestational diabetes almost 15 years ago...the doctors told me then that I would have a higher risk for diabetes....

Then in the late '90's I was diagnosed with pre-diabetes...I stopped drinking real coke and drank Diet coke- that was my beverage of choice for YEARS....

then in September 2003 I had lap band surgery for weight loss...I lost a whopping 60+ pounds! I stopped drinking all caffiene drinks, and for the most part, I kept it off...until this summer!

As you can see, my addictions will be the death of me..literally. I have ate and drank my weight in potato chips and sweet tea (and Sonic Blast Ice cream treats) this summer...and wouldn't you know, I've gained over 20 pounds in about 3 months AND I've noticed subtle changes in how I feel... Like when I weighed my heaviest- my joints are hurting daily, I'm retaining fluid, I'm more thirsty lately, I've gotten a little blurry vision...all signs of high blood sugar.

So I took the test...I good finger stick and Viola! My life is changing with the count down of the little machine in my hand. August 1 blood sugar 138- yes that's fasting. Anything over 100 is pre-diabetes, and anything over 120 is Diabetes. GULP (and not the sweet tea kinda gulp either)

Today I rechecked it because I just know that is a mistake- I also weighed myself - YEP I've gained over 20 pounds and If you THINK I'm going to post my actual weight're crazier than I am!

But my blood sugar today (after watching my diet yesterday) is 128. Better but not good enough. This is scarey stuff for me! I'm to young, to healthy for diabetes!! but, the little machine doesn't know enough to lie to here it is, my journey once again as a diabetic. But statistically, my age is against me this time. I am going to somehow come to realization that I truely and not just a "pre-diabetic" but that I have diabetes..that has to be managed diligently...with diet and exercise before that option is taken away from me.

You would think as a nurse for over 25 years..that I would have a real understanding of diabetes management...but it's easier to teach than to do (in my case) I have those little voices in my head taunting me with the temptation of (just a little ice cream won't hurt today....) can sit on your duff today, and exercise tomorrow....YEAH RIGHT!

So, as of August 1st, 2007 I am leading the life of a diabetic...more diligent in my health

for life.

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