Thursday, January 15, 2009


I had to do this quickly as I'm about to go into dah new boss's office and meet with da new boss and da new board president. Always stress provoking when on the hot seat!
Laughter is the best I looked around the office and of course- the answer was clear!
This little gal represents a special time in our lives. While we lived in Iowa before our youngest was born, our friends were starting clowning and earning extra income.
My reformed-stand-up-comic-and-semi-retired-community-theater-actor husband tried on the grease paint and from that day forward couldn't get it out of his system. It looked like so much fun it wasn't long before I was joining in.
Our first paying "gig" was for a podiatrist. His wife hired us for April Fool's Day prank.
I went as "Stitches" the nurse clown, and hubby as Zip-N-Zap the patient.
We wrote a special skit just for him, which we performed many times for birthday parties and company picnics.
Stitches had to have a stethescope -so I took the end of the toilet plunger and stuck it on the end of a real stethescope. (very similar to this gal)
When I saw her on E-bay I just had to have her..she provides
Jolly in my space!
Lovingly written by just me...just jane.


Chris T said...

That's a great "jolly" & love the background story to it!

Igotmebabe said...

Fantastic story and shot :)
Janette. Hope the new boss wasn't too scary

Pinky said...

So you are in Middle TN too. I just moved here a few months ago. Love TN though! Its so nice here.

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