Monday, January 12, 2009

HSMSHS Challenge catch up for the weekend

Technology- in my space
I just bought this (gently used) treadmill from my neighbors
in order to fulfill one of my resolutions (start walking more)
Have I used it yet?
No- but there's hope for another day.
Tonight's goal is to find an outlet and move it from in front of the front door!
That's enough exercise right- moving the exercise equipment?? HA HA

Part B of Technology:
This originally was a confession of what I did this weekend.
Not meeting my resolution goals I ate like there was no tomorrow.
This is just ONE of the offending items!
But- in the background is my "technology part 2" The calculator and the cordless phone.
This was taken a year ago- visiting in Iowa with my family.
I LOVE to think about snow- hate to drive in it!
SPS + 1
this picture is taken a year ago-
but it was a self portrait while trying to wrangle my nephew for a photo.

by just me...just jane.

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