Tuesday, January 6, 2009


I am going to do the POTD challenge!!
(Picture of the day from this site: http://www.anitamundt.typepad.com/hsmshs/)
As well as the Two peas weekly challenge...or attempt to.
I am probably going to post a day or so later..as I have time at the computer.

Yesterday's word is Beginnings... And the weekly was Ready set GO! So here we are! I
Couldn't decide so here are a few
First there is the BEGINNING of my new CRAFT ROOM!!
Dh & ds spent Christmas-New Years week working on putting up walls! My room will be 14 x 20 and be ALL MINE (and Kelsey my scrapper daughter, and anyone that comes to visit!)
Picture from the doorway
And my one window

Oprah's best life is my other BEGINNING! I started on a vitamin regimen...

Ready set GO! Weekly challenge : My food journal.... writing what I'm eating will give me a good idea of how I can improve nutrition and calories. Day 6 and counting!

I haven't posted Christmas yet...maybe tomorrow...Got work to do now.... and more on Oprah's Best Life and how it affects me as well....

Lovingly written by just me...just jane.

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