Monday, August 4, 2008

Weekend update

Ok, it is now less than two weeks from now until MOM comes! She is excited about coming, and I have to be honest- I a little dread it. (Glad she doesn't have a computer right now) ONLY because I will feel responsible for providing some "entertainment" to make it worth her while being here, and dealing with her health issues on a daily basis will "interupt" my usual time. NOT that it is a bad thing- but it just changes stuff.

Progress on the craft room! We cleaned more junk and got more wood! We are very close to putting up the last wall and moving into step 3 of the finished project! I STILL Have a lot of crap to get rid of! Can you believe it? At least SIX trailer full loads to the dump! MORE TO GO!!

Had a good time playing cards with the neighbors. Always enjoy throwing down!

Having a tough time with my middle daughter. Her trying to spread her wings- and making some bad choices and me trying to be "mom". Breaking rules on purpose- and being an adult- how do other families navagate this tough time of being an adult but not on your own yet?

Going home now!

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Gayla said...

Hang in there. I am praying that she will realize that she is going down the wrong path. I have been where she is and have done some of the same things she is doing to my mom. As hard as it must be for a parent to watch, we (children) usually learn the most valuable lessons by our mistakes. You as a parent can only pray that you have instilled in her the values that she will need to make the right choices and get through this phase. I am praying for you all. Love you much!

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