Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Want my autograph?

It sure has been an exciting few days! Yesterday, My co-worker and I were supposed to be at a Senior Community Financial Seminar in Nashville, we got there early (SHOCK!) and had time to visit. About 10:00 I get a call from work- Channel 2 and Channel 5 are on their way to do a story about the air conditioner program!
Here at Graceworks, Middle Tennessee Electric Operation Roundup has given us $$ to purchase air conditioners and give them to the medically needy poor residents of Williamson County.
I got to be on TV! Not ONLY was ABC, CBS but FOX! that MIGHT bring you to the story video for those interested??

We had a HUGE HUGE food drive from one of our supporting Churches and had TWO HUGE SEMI'S full of food we were unloading yesterday as well in 100+ degree heat! Our warehouse is not air conditioned- so it was HOT HOT HOT!

Today, I've been inundated with faxes from doctor's offices, and requests for the free air conditioners, I've had to say no just a few times but mostly YES YES YES! and that is FUN I missed the Parish Nurse Network luncheon- I'm the president of the mid-Tn HMA chapter- I really regretted not going, but it was more important to get all these requests handled so they could have air conditioning.

We've bought many more air conditioners and I think we are up to about 36 that we are giving away this year- as opposed to the 11 we gave away last year!

Tomorrow, Friday and Saturday, I'm off to a Leadership Summit- where I'll hear Colin Powell and Jimmy Carter among others speak!

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