Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Has it been two weeks already?

I can't believe, how much has happened in two weeks! I've been incredibly busy here at work. Since the news release and the relentless heat wave, I have been inundated with requests for air conditioners.

I've been blessed to give over 65 out! We've had NO heat related deaths in the county I work. There have been several heat related-deaths in the state of Tennessee. This is all I have left after Monday. Actually, I have 2 less than that! But we FINALLY have rain!

Jon started back to school- HIGH SCHOOL!! He is really enjoying the JROTC program at school, and he is working very hard at getting his homework in. I peaked at his agenda from school and he is applying some of the principles he read about in the 7 habits for successful teens! Although he hated to read it, and I'm not sure he finished it- whatever he got from it is working!

The weekend after school started, Graceworks staff went on a mandatory retreat. I'm very energized (well not at the time-but since I've had time to let it all sink in) by what the entire staff has envisioned for the ministry. Unfortunately, my co-worker (for unrelated issues) has decided to pursue other opportunities. Angela will be missed greatly. She brought the Senior Visitation program to new heights and added so much to the program. I'm feeling the emptiness in my office every day. However, as I told her, our story isn't over yet! I'm confident that we will be life long friends- and have lots of other stories to tell in the future!

With her absence and without a replacement yet, I've been attempting double duty- well just to put the fires out- not really moving forward. It's been quite the challenge! I guess that's why it's been two weeks since I've blogged.

My baby girl turned 21 a week ago!!


Blowing out the candle!

The Church family is over for dinner to celebrate!

Can you believe your baby sister is now LEGAL!!??

Oh, the trouble these girls are going to try and get into!!


I know they will be fine, they are very responsible capable women! I've raised them right, they know God and I'm confident they will be better than ok!

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